The systrigbody system catalog table contains the ASCII text of the trigger definition and the linearized code for the trigger. Linearized code is binary data and code that is represented in ASCII format.
Important: The database server uses the linearized code that is stored in systrigbody. You must not alter the content of rows that contain linearized code.
The systrigbody table has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSTRIGBODY table column descriptions
Column Type Explanation
trigid INTEGER Identifying code of the trigger
datakey CHAR(1) Code specifying the type of data:
  • A = ASCII text for the body, triggered actions
  • B = Linearized code for the body
  • D = English text for the header, trigger definition
  • H = Linearized code for the header
  • S = Linearized code for the symbol table
seqno INTEGER Page number of this data segment
data CHAR(256) English text or linearized code

A composite index on the trigid, datakey, and seqno columns allows only unique values.