The sysobjstate system catalog table stores information about the state (object mode) of database objects. The types of database objects that are listed in this table are indexes, triggers, and constraints.

Every index, trigger, and constraint in the database has a corresponding row in the sysobjstate table if a user creates the object. Indexes that the database server creates on the system catalog tables are not listed in the sysobjstate table because their object mode cannot be changed.

The sysobjstate table has the following columns.
Table 1. SYSOBJSTATE table column descriptions

Column Type Explanation
objtype CHAR(1) Code for the type of database object:
  • C = Constraint
  • I = Index
  • T = Trigger
owner VARCHAR(32) Authorization identifier of the owner of the database object
name VARCHAR(128) Name of the database object
tabid INTEGER Identifying code of table on which the object is defined
state CHAR(1) The current state (object mode) of the database object. This value can be one of the following codes:
  • D = Disabled
  • E = Enabled
  • F = Filtering with no integrity-violation errors
  • G = Filtering with integrity-violation error

A composite index on the objtype, name, owner, and tabid columns allows only unique combinations of values. A simple index on the tabid column allows duplicate values.