Objects That the System Catalog Tables Track

The system catalog tables maintain information about the database, including the following categories of database objects:
  • Tables, views, synonyms, and table fragments
  • Columns, constraints, indexes, and index fragments
  • Distribution statistics for tables, indexes, and fragments
  • Triggers on tables, and INSTEAD OF triggers on views
  • Procedures, functions, routines, and associated messages
  • Authorized users, roles, and privileges to access database objects
  • LBAC security policies, components, labels, and exemptions
  • Data types and casts
  • User-defined aggregate functions
  • Access methods and operator classes
  • Sequence objects
  • Storage spaces for BLOB and CLOB objects
  • External optimizer directives
  • Inheritance relationships
  • XA data sources and XA data source types
  • Trusted user and surrogate user information