The syscolattribs system catalog table describes the characteristics of smart large objects, namely CLOB and BLOB data types.

It contains one row for each sbspace referenced in the PUT clause of the CREATE TABLE statement or of the ALTER TABLE statement.

Table 1. SYSCOLATTRIBS table column descriptions

Column Type Explanation
tabid INTEGER Code uniquely identifying the table
colno SMALLINT Number of the column that contains the smart large object
extentsize INTEGER Pages in smart-large-object extent, expressed in KB
flags INTEGER Integer representation of the combination (by addition) of hexadecimal values of the following parameters:
  • LO_NOLOG (0x00000001 = 1) = The smart large object is not logged.
  • LO_LOG (0x00000010 = 2) = Logging of smart large objects conforms to current log mode of the database.
  • LO_KEEP_LASTACCESS_TIME (0x00000100 = 4) = Keeps a record of when this column was most recently accessed by a user.
  • LO_NOKEEP_LASTACCESS_TIME (0x00001000 = 8) = No record is kept of when this column was most recently accessed by a user.
  • HI_INTEG (0x00010000= 16) = Sbspace data pages have headers and footers to detect incomplete writes and data corruption.
  • MODERATE_INTEG (0x00100000= 32) = Data pages have headers but no footers.
flags1 INTEGER Reserved for future use
sbspace VARCHAR(128) Name of the sbspace

A composite index on the tabid, colno, and sbspace columns allows only unique combinations of these values.