The sysproccolumns system catalog table stores information about return types and parameter names of all UDRs in SYSPROCEDURES.

A composite index on the procid and paramid columns in this table allows only unique values.

Table 1. SYSPROCCOLUMNS table column descriptions
Column Type Explanation
procid INTEGER Unique identifying code of the routine
paramid INTEGER Unique identifying code of the parameter
paramname VARCHAR (IDENTSIZE) Name of the parameter
paramtype SMALLINT Identifies the type of parameter
paramlen SMALLINT Specifies the length of the parameter
paramxid INTEGER Specifies the extended type ID for the parameter
paramattr INTEGER 0 = Parameter is of unknown type 1 = Parameter is INPUT mode 2 = Parameter is INOUT mode 3 = Parameter is multiple return value 4 = Parameter is OUT mode 5 = Parameter is a return value