Ingest Store index schema

The complete data mappings from specification, database and schema are shown for the Store category.

Store index schema design

Definition for field type aliases (in it​​​alics) is described in Index Field Type Aliase​​​s and Usages page. For a complete listing of Elasticsearch index fields and parameters, see Elasticsearch index field types. For information about calling the Ingest service, see Search Ingest Service API.

Index Field​ Name​ ​Index Field Type and Options​​​ ​​Description
Internal Me​​​ta Data​​​​​​
​_id ​internal id/store + id/language
_​_meta/version/min ​integer ​Minimal compatible version of the runtime to work with this document
​__meta/version/max ​integer ​Latest compatible version of the runtime that works with this document
​​__meta/created ​date Creation date and time of this document​
__meta/modified ​date Last modification date and time of this document​​
​​Document Identifier​​
​id/store id_string Internal id of the owning (open and operational) store
​id/member ​id_string The internal reference number that identifies the owner of the store​
​id/language ​id_string The internal reference number of the current language of this document
​id/contract/hosting id_string ​The internal reference number of the hosting contract between hosting service provider and the store operator​​
​id/contract/base id_string ​The list of (inherited) base contract reference numbers of the default contract
​id/​default/language id_string ​​The default language for information displayed to customers shopping in the store
id/​default/catalog id_string ​The default sales catalog of the current store
id/​default/fulfillment id_string ​The default fulfillment center for the current store
id/​default/contract id_string ​The default contract of the current store
id/​master/catalog id_string ​The master catalog from its current asset store
​id/​supported/language id_string ​​The list of supported languages of the current store
id/​supported/catalog id_string ​The list of supported sales catalogs​ of the current store
​​identifier/specification id_string Set to "​store"
​identifier/language ​id_string The ​current language of this document
identifier/​store id_string A string that uniquely identifies the owning store
identifier/​default/language id_string The language string of this supported language
​​identifier/default/catalog id_string ​The external identifier of the default sales catalog
​identifier/default/currency id_string The default currency for the current store that will be used by a customer who has not specified a preferrred currency
identifier​/​master/catalog id_string ​The master catalog from its current asset store
identifier/​supported/language id_string The list of supported language strings​
​​identifier/supported/catalog id_string ​The list of supported sales catalogs
​identifier/supported/currency id_string The list of supported currencies for the current store
​​Language Sensitive Data​​​
​name/raw raw ​The language-dependent name of this catalog group
​​name/normalized normalized ​Same as above
​​name/text text ​Same as above
​​description/raw raw ​A short description of this catalog group
​​description/normalized normalized ​Same as above
​​description/text text ​Same as above
​type ​raw ​The type of current store
​directory ​raw ​The name of the current store directory
configurations/name raw The predefined store attribute name
configurations/value raw The store specific attribute value
features/name raw The store specific feature name
features/value raw Enabled status of this store specific feature
properties/name raw The predefined store property​ name
properties/value raw The store specific property value
​Physical Store Location​​​​
locations/<id>/id id_string The internal store location id
locations/<id>/identifier id_string The external identifier for this store location
locations/<id>/name raw The name of this store location
locations/<id>/description raw The description of this store location
locations/<id>/phone raw The phone number of this store location
locations/<id>/address raw The list of address entries of this store location
locations/<id>/attributes/name raw A list of attribute names associated with this store location
locations/<id>/attributes/value raw The corresponding attribute value of this store attribute
locations/<id>/filfillment/name raw A list of fulfillment center names for this store location​​
locations/<id>/filfillment/id id_string A list of fulfillment center ids for this store location​​
​Navigational Data​​​​
relationship/parent id_string​ The reference to its catalog asset store if used
relationship/type raw The store type of its catalog asset store
relationship/directory raw The base name of the directory in which store-specific Web assets, such as JSP files and property files, are found​