HCL Commerce Version or later

Extending Elasticsearch

You can customize the behavior of Elasticsearch through ZooKeeper, or by adding your own REST API endpoints. A variety of approaches to extending the Elasticsearch service are discussed and methods are provided.

REST endpoints

There are two methods by which you can make calls to extend Elasticsearch.
xC custom extensions
The /configuration endpoint is used to add the customized configuration details in ZooKeeper node. There is a root node in ZooKeeper with the name /configuration, and inside the root node are child nodes where you can add the configuration.
Customization for new endpoint
There are primarily browsing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and site content APIs. Please see detailed list of all API endpoints in link below, Apart from these endpoints, customer/client can add their own end point or customize the existing endpoint.
For more information on adding your own endpoints, see Extending the Query Service.