Customizing HCL Commerce

You can extend the HCL Commerce product to fit your business needs. This topic describes the prerequisite skills and required knowledge that you need to customize business logic. After you have the required knowledge, use HCL Commerce Developer to take tutorials that guide you step-by-step through various customization scenarios.

What you need to know before you start

HCL Commerce is a Java and Java EE compliant application. To successfully customize HCL Commerce you need skills and knowledge in the following areas:
  • Basic Java and Java EE application development skills
  • Basic JavaServer Pages (JSP) development and deployment skills
  • Basic Java servlet development and deployment skills
  • Basic JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) skills
  • Basic HTML skills
  • Basic SQL skills
  • Basic XML skills
  • Familiarity with developing and deploying Java servlets and JavaServer Pages in dynamic Web applications
  • Basic understanding of Rational Application Developer
Before you begin to customize HCL Commerce, understand the following, and read the following topics.
  • All files must be encoded in UTF-8.
Required knowledge See
Understand the main components and capabilities of the HCL Commerce development environment.
Understand the HCL Commerce architecture including the information model, data model, and programming model.
Understand how the HCL Commerce development environment interacts with the Web server, Database server and WebSphere Application Server.
Understand the major components of HCL Commerce and how they interact.
Understand how the data model, presentation information, and control information are separated into different objects.
Understand the programming frameworks used by HCL Commerce and when to use each model.
Understand the relationship of the business context service to business logic.
Understand the main features of developing commands.

Best practices