IBM Product Recommendations and HCL Commerce

IBM Product Recommendations is an IBM Digital Analytics solution that you can subscribe to that automatically generates personalized product recommendations on the storefront. The recommendations are based on the browsing, shopping, and purchasing behavior of individual customers. If your site is integrated with IBM Digital Analytics, you can display recommendations from IBM Product Recommendations on your store pages.

Figure 1. Example of IBM Product Recommendations on a store page

Web activity that displays a dynamic recommendation

To support IBM Product Recommendations, HCL Commerce provides the following capabilities:

  • Starter stores that support the display of recommendations from by using either specialized e-Marketing Spots or Commerce Composer widgets.
  • A web activity that marketing managers can run in the e-Marketing Spots or Commerce Composer widgets to retrieve recommendations from IBM Digital Analytics.
  • A utility to extract catalog data in the format that IBM Digital Analytics requires to support dynamic recommendations.
  • A scheduled job to automatically import flat file recommendations from IBM Digital Analytics to HCL Commerce.
  • A parameter to tag product URLs to track the performance of the recommendations from in IBM Digital Analytics.

To install and enable , see Task flow: Enabling features