IBM Dynamic Pricing integration

Dynamic Pricing is a cloud-based pricing system that analyzes real-time market data to provide suggestions on how merchandisers can react to competitor pricing and shifts in market conditions. Data can be fed to Dynamic Pricing from multiple sources, including HCL Commerce. You can configure HCL Commerce to export pricing data to Dynamic Pricing for pricing analysis and adjustment. The adjusted pricing data can then be imported from Dynamic Pricing to HCL Commerce, so the prices can be propagated to your live store front.


Dynamic Pricing helps business users quickly respond to changes in competitive prices, product demand, and market conditions by analyzing web data, such as page views and cart abandonment rates, and the latest competitive pricing information. This solution uses pricing intelligence to recommend the most appropriate pricing action based on current business strategies.

You can integrate Dynamic Pricing and HCL Commerce by configuring scheduled jobs in HCL Commerce to push and pull pricing data from Dynamic Pricing. The scheduled jobs can be configured to run at frequent intervals to ensure that your product pricing stays current and competitive.
Note: This integration is configured against one Master Catalog.


  • Analyze and adjust product pricing with minimal effort.
  • Ensure that your store prices are always managed and optimized based on the pricing strategy for your store.
  • Schedule jobs to automatically push and pull pricing data between HCL Commerce and Dynamic Pricing.