IBM Watson Campaign Automation integration with HCL Commerce

You can integrate IBM Watson Campaign Automation with HCL Commerce so that transactional emails are sent by IBM Watson Campaign Automation.
IBM Watson Campaign Automation provides the following benefits:
  • Send custom-branded transactional messages in rich HTML.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell by dynamically recommending products or services in transactional messages.
  • Review reports that use advanced tracking to gain insight into the ability to deliver and the performance of transactional emails.
  • Integrate with Point of Sale and receipt systems to monitor offline and online behaviors.
  • Trigger billing notifications and password resets for real-time interactions.
  • Save copies of transactional messages for future use.
  • Access Engage Transact by using XML APIs or SMTP relays.
The following diagram illustrates the differences between sending emails in HCL Commerce by SMTP and sending transactional emails by IBM Watson Campaign Automation:
Silverpop Transact integration
SMTP IBM Watson Campaign Automation
Transport Email IBM Watson Campaign Automation
Device format Standard Device Format IBM Watson Campaign Automation
Message JSP Creates HTML used as the email body Creates XML that uses personalization name-value pairs
Email template Message JSP Email template that is authored in IBM Watson Campaign Automation that uses personalization name-value pairs sent from HCL Commerce.