Inventory Management system integration

Integrate an inventory management system with your store to ensure that inventory availability is constantly updated to reflect your store's current inventory levels. Inventory includes anything that can be physically accounted for in a fulfillment center such as items, products, SKUs, bundles, and prebuilt kits.
HCL Commerce stores support two inventory models.
Non-ATP inventory
In the non-ATP inventory model, inventory operations are only based on existing on-hand inventory. That is, shoppers can only add items to the cart if the item is in stock. The store does not support back ordering or reserving items for future purchase. If you are integrating with an external system that does not support connecting through service APIs to retrieve real-time on hand inventory, then choose Non-ATP. You need to set a schedule to periodically retrieve inventory levels from the external system and load the data to the HCL Commerce database.
DOM inventory
In the DOM inventory model, HCL Commerce calls outbound services to allocate inventory from an external DOM inventory system. By calling outbound services, you get access to real-time on hand inventory. If your DOM inventory system supports item reservations or back orders, you can customize your store to also support reservations.