HCL Commerce Search extension points and customization tasks

HCL Commerce Search contains extension points that can be used for customization. If you are migrating from a previous version of the product, there are mandatory and optional areas to work with, depending on your existing customizations. In the following topics the available customization points are described, and you are given detailed instructions on customizing each.

Most customization flows involve indexing new data from either the database or a file, searching against the new indexed fields, displaying the indexed data in the storefront, and creating business rules by using the indexed data field. Other advanced search customization areas require some runtime customization where a custom search expression provider, search result filter, or other runtime search extension points might require customization.

These extension points are shown in blue in the following flow diagram.
HCL Commerce Search architecture

The two HCL Commerce Search components that are most commonly customized are the index and the Search runtime. Each component provides a set of configuration files that you can change to meet most needs. Through these configuration files, you can link existing Search functions to custom code and integrate external systems.