HCL Commerce Version or later

Ingest Price index schema

The complete data mappings from specification, database and schema are shown for the Price category.

Price index schema design

Definitions for field type aliases (in it​​​alics) are described in Index Field Type Aliase​​​s and Usages page. For information about calling the Ingest service, see Search Ingest Service API. For a complete listing of Elasticsearch index fields and parameters, see Elasticsearch index field types.

​Index Field​ Name​ ​Index Field Type and Options​​​ V9.0 Equivalent Index Field Name ​​Description
Internal Me​​​ta Data​​​​​​
​_id ​internal ​catentry_id id/store + id/catentry
​​__meta/created ​date ​- Creation date and time of this document
__meta/modified ​date ​indexedTime ​Last modification date and time of this document
​​Document Identifier​​​
​id/store id_string ​storeent_id Internal id of the owning store
id/​catentry id_string ​catentry_id ​Catentry's basic attributes
prices/​<contract>/<currency>​ float ​price_* A buyer contract price in a given currency
​​​​​Workspace Data
​​​workspace_name id_string ​​Describes name of the workspace. If approvedcontent then it will be "Base"
​workspaces id_string