Using the NiFi status API

Use the NiFi status API to obtain information regarding NiFi. You can specifically obtain information about NiFi threads, queues, components, or versions.


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Ingest service Swagger URL.
    Note: You can also use Postman or another REST tool of your choice to query the NiFi status API.
  2. Under NiFi Status, click on Try it out.
    A page is displayed to enter and submit REST fields.
  3. Enter a query for the information that you are wanting to obtain regarding the NiFi service.
    1. Enter a fieldName containing the specific status information that you want.
      Acceptable values in fieldName are:
      • threads for NiFi thread statuses.
      • queues for NiFi queue statuses.
      • components for NiFi components.
      • versions for NiFi component versions.
      By default, if no parameter provided, then the status for queues is returned. You can provide one or more of these values, separated by commas.
    For example:


The requested status of the NiFi service is returned.