Ingest Description index schema

The complete data mappings from specification, database and schema are shown for the description.

Description index schema design

Definition for field type aliases (in it​​​alics) is described in Index Field Type Aliase​​​s and Usages page. For information on calling the Ingest service, see Search Ingest Service API. For a complete listing of Elasticsearch index fields and parameters, see Elasticsearch index field types.

Index Field​ Name​ ​Index Field Type and Options​​​​ Description
Internal Me​​​ta Data​​​​​​​
​​_id ​​internal ​id/store + id/language + id/catalog + id/object
​​__meta/version/min ​​integer ​Minimal compatible version of the runtime to work with this document
​​__meta/version/max ​​integer ​Latest compatible version of the runtime that works with this document
​​​__meta/created ​​date ​Creation date and time of this document
​__meta/modified ​​date ​​Last modification date and time of this document
Document Identifier​​
​id/store id_string ​Internal id of the owning store
​id/​language id_string ​The identifier of the language​​
​id/​catalog id_string ​The identifier of the current sales catalog​
​id/​object id_string product or category id
​description/raw​ ​​raw ​A long description for product or category id
​type id_string ​Long description type. This field have two values - product / category
​​​Workspace Data
​​workspace_name ​id_string ​Describes name of the workspace. If approvedcontent then it will be "Base"
​workspaces ​id_string ​​​List of workspace details.