Action: Recommend Category

Use this action in a web activity to display one or more categories in an e-Marketing Spot. For example, you might want to display a list of featured subcategories on a top category page.

Here is an example of a web activity that uses the Recommend Category action:

When a customer views the e-Marketing Spot on the Electronics category page, display four featured subcategories: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Accessories:

Example of Action: Recommend Category

When this web activity is activated, the e-Marketing Spot on the Electronics category page displays these four subcategories:

Four categories displayed using the Recommend Category action

The JSP file for the e-Marketing Spot defines which pieces of information about the category to display. For example, the JSP file can display the thumbnail image for the category and its name, as defined in the Catalogs tool. The JSP file also determines maximum number of categories that can be displayed in the e-Marketing Spot at the same time.

Prerequisites for using this action

  • Make sure a site administrator has your site configured to support Management Center marketing features. See Configuring marketing for Management Center.
  • The categories that you want to display must be created in the Catalogs tool.

Guidelines for using this action

When setting up this action, you must specify one or more categories to display in the e-Marketing Spot.