Changing a dialog activity

Change your dialog activities to correct errors, change the priority relative to other activities, or to realign dates.

Before you begin

You can edit a dialog activity only if it is in the inactive state. If you want to edit an active activity, you must deactivate it first.

About this task

Statistical counters for unchanged elements will continue to accumulate when the activity is activated again.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. Click the Activities folder in the explorer view.
  3. Right-click the activity that you want to change; then click Open.
    The Activity Builder opens showing the selected activity.
  4. To change one or more elements in the activity:
    1. Click any element to open the properties view for that element.
    2. Change the properties associated with that element.
  5. To add another element to the activity:
    1. Drag a new element from the palette onto the flow connector in the work area.
    2. Click the element to open the properties view for that element.
    3. Define any properties appropriate for the new element.
  6. To remove an element from the activity, right-click the element; then click Delete.
  7. Update, add, or delete additional elements to complete your activity.
  8. Click Save Save to save the activity, or click Close to close the Activity Builder and return to the previous page.