HCL Commerce Enterprise

Extended Sites Store Management

You can create store quickly and easily from Management Center Tools. The wizard asks a customer to provide some basic data about their store (name, description, and so on), allows the customer to select the storefront or catalog they want to use, and then creates the store. The resulting store has some unique data, but uses the storefront and catalog data from existing asset stores.

To change the assets that the store shares, you must change the asset store.

Note: To create a store with the same name as a deleted store, you must first remove the entries for the deleted store from the database by using the Store markedfordelete SQL scripts that are provided. For more information, see Database Cleanup utility objects.

Creating new store

To create a new store, follow the steps given below:
  1. Open Management Center Tools.
  2. From the hamburger menu, click Manage Store > Extended Site Stores. A list of existing stores is displayed on the screen.
  3. Click New. The New store window opens.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    Option Description
    Internal store name Name of the store that is for internal use
    Store display name Store name which will be displayed for everyone
    Store description Information about the store and all it deals with
    Store owner email Email id of the owner of the store
    Default currency Any country specific currency can be selected
    Default language Any country specific language can be selected
    Organization It will be an Extended Sites Seller Organization
    Storefront asset store Any store can be selected from the list of available stores
    Catalog asset store This is optional. Any catalog asset store can be selected from the list of available stores.
  5. Click Finish. A new store will be displayed in the list of stores.

Creating stores by Exporting and Importing

A new store can also be created in an Advanced mode by exporting a data from already existing store.
  1. Click Export. An XML file for existing store will be downloaded.
  2. Remove referenceNumber tag and replace the Store name. Save the file once the changes are done.
  3. Click Import. All the data of the new store will be uploaded on the site.
  4. A new store will be displayed in the list of stores.
Note: For previous versions, use Commerce Accelerator for Store Creation. Follow steps given for Store Creation Wizard.