HCL Commerce Version or later

HCL Customer Service Hub for HCL Commerce React stores

HCL Customer Service Hub for HCL Commerce provides customer service enhancements that enable a customer service representative (CSR) to resolve common issues and capture orders. These capabilities are built into the HCL Commerce Reference Store application and enable a CSR to complete key tasks on behalf of guest and registered customers for headless stores that are built based on the Emerald and Sapphire reference stores. Customer Service Hub for HCL Commerce is offered for Enterprise edition.
With the new customer service enhancements, CSRs can:
  • Work with customer accounts for both B2B and B2C stores.
  • Find products through catalog navigation or through powerful faceted search that provides detailed product information.
  • Work with customer orders so they can create new orders, view order details, and cancel orders.

HCL Customer Service Hub SDK

The CSR SDK is provided for developers to build the HCL Customer Service Hub.

Reference Store application CSR flows

Tasks Details
CSR log in
  • Log in
  • Select a store to manage
Manage customers
  • Add new customer
  • Search for customer accounts within a selected store
  • Log in as customer to complete shopping flow
  • View customer account information
  • Update basic customer information
  • Enable/Disable customer account
  • Reset password for a customer
Manage orders
  • Search for an order within a selected store
  • Take over and manage order
  • Modify an order that is not submitted
  • Re-order a submitted order
  • Lock/Unlock a pending order
  • Take over locked order ( order which another CSR has locked)
  • Add comments to order
  • Checkout pending order
  • Cancel a submitted order
  • View order details
  • Enable/disable a customer associated with an order