Promotions tool

Use the Promotions tool in Management Center to create and manage promotions that support the marketing campaigns for your site.

The following screen capture provides a quick look at the Promotions tool. The Promotions List view of promotions shows all of the promotions that are created in Management Center:

Promotions list

Promotion folders display in the same hierarchy as the list of all promotions for your store.

Getting Started video about creating a promotion

To get started quickly, watch this short video that demonstrates how to create a promotion in your store that offers a percentage discount on a product:

Creating a promotion

What you can do with the Promotions tool

Here is a summary of tasks you can do to create and manage promotions for your site:

Tasks Details For more information
Create promotions Create promotions that are based on many predefined promotion types. Purchase conditions can be based on:
  • The amount that is spent on the order or on specific items
  • A combination or quantity of specific items purchased
  • Categories that the items purchased are grouped within

You can also create coupon promotions, and promotions that require promotion codes before the promotion can be applied.

Reward options:
  • A percentage off, or an amount off, the order or items
  • Gifts, including the option to offer the customer a choice of gifts
  • A discounted shipping charge, an amount off shipping, or free shipping

Optionally, you can target your promotions to selected customer segments so that only a subset of customers can qualify for the promotion.

Promotion type feature matrix

Managing promotions

Manage promotions Browse the Promotion Calendar. The Promotion Calendar shows how promotions are scheduled in relation to other promotions. Finding promotions
View a list of active and inactive promotions.
Activate, deactivate, update, and delete promotions. Activating or deactivating promotions
Import and generate promotion codes. Importing promotion codes
Group promotions with promotion folders.
Note: Depending on your site configuration, you can prevent promotions from displaying in the main Promotions - List view by including the promotions in a folder.
Organizing promotions with folders
Export promotion codes. Exporting promotion codes
Archive inactive promotions. Archived promotions to not display in the Promotions tool main promotions list or in promotion folders. Archiving promotions
Search for promotions.

Search for promotions by name, promotion type, redemption method, start date, and status.

Finding promotions Search for promotions by name or by promotion code.