Activity Builder

The Activity Builder presents a graphical interface where you can create web and dialog activities.
Use the Activity Builder to create a visual representation of an interaction between your site and a customer, that is, a web or dialog activity. The following screen capture shows the Activity Builder with a completed web activity that displays advertising content for a summer sale in an e-Marketing Spot:
The marketing activity builder
As shown in the screen capture, the Activity Builder is split into three areas:
  • The palette at the left contains targets, actions, and branching elements that you can drag into the work area. For dialog activities, the palette also contains triggers.
  • The work area in the upper right displays the marketing activity as a horizontal line that represents the activity flow.
  • The properties view in the lower right displays the properties of the activity or the selected element.

You can drag any element from the palette into the work area to include it as part of the activity. As you drag, flow connectors are displayed as thick sections of the horizontal line in the work area. The flow connectors represent empty spots on which you can place an element. When you click an element in the work area, its properties display in the properties view.

The start of the activity is represented by a green circle, and the end of the activity is represented by a red circle. Clicking the green circle displays the activity's general properties in the properties view. These include the activity's name, priority, start and end dates, and the associated campaign.