The Callout process

Callout is a generic Process Box which enable users to plug in custom logic based on a pre-defined interface. The main purpose of Callout Process Box is to connect with any third-party custom logic written by customer, based on provided interface. Callout PB functionality comes with a light weight, secure and robust spring boot application which is used to keep track of multiple callouts across flowcharts. Callout PB functionality is partition aware and keeps user data segregated across partitions.

Fields on Configure Callout Process Box:

ExternalCallout: List of callouts, configured in Platform config. Users can specify the input parameters to the callout jar through configParams parameter present inside the External callout Template.

Input: Input coming from upstream process Box, like Tweet data having TweetContent, UserId and TweetId columns.

Callout Fields – On selection of callout from the dropdown, callout fields would be auto populated, this comes from the ExternalCallout node where users can specify the callout fields through the mappingFields template.

Data File: This is name of the File internally created by callout PB to be sent to user’s implementation for processing.

Results File: This is the name of the File which Callout PB expects as output from user’s implementation, currently csv is expected. Both these files need to be in csv format. Path of both the files will be what is configured in Callout Template in Platform configuration.

Callout process box creates an output cell that can be consumed by downstream Process Boxes. The output consists of data that is sent by customer’s implementation of the callout.