The Response process

The Response process tracks the responses of customers who were contacted in a contact process, such as Mail list or Call list.

Based on rules that you define during process configuration, the Response process evaluates which responses are considered valid and how they are credited back to campaigns or offers. The output of the Response process is written to several response history system tables, where the data can be accessed for analysis using Campaign performance and profitability reports.

In its simplest form, the Response process can appear in its own flowchart connected to a Select process (and optionally a Segment process). In such a flowchart, the Select process selects IDs from a mapped table containing data about responders and their response actions. These IDs are segmented by the Segment process into meaningful groups, and finally passed to a Response process, where response tracking rules are applied and output is written to response history tables.

A Response process is tightly aligned with its corresponding contact process, in which the responders now being tracked were possibly members of cells targeted with particular offers.