The CreateSeg process

Use the CreateSeg process to create lists of audience IDs from customer database tables. Define the CreateSeg process in the Sessions area of Unica Campaign so that the segments are available globally for use in all campaigns.

The CreateSeg process is intended to be used by Unica Campaign administrators. A CreateSeg process that is defined in a session flowchart creates a strategic segment, which can then be used in any flowchart. The segments can then be used as input for processes. They can also be used to create dimensions and cubes, or as the global suppression segment for an audience level.

Note: A best practice is to create all global constructs in a session flowchart.

To work with strategic segments, you do the following:

  • Create segments in the Sessions area, using CreateSeg.
  • Manage segments from the Segments area.
  • Use the segments in campaigns from the Campaign section.