Adjusting flowchart layout

When you edit a flowchart, use the Layout menu to reposition all process boxes in a single command to improve the appearance of the flowchart. This is a visual change which does not affect the flow of data. The direction of the connection lines between processes determines data flow.


  1. Open a flowchart for editing.
  2. Open the Layout menu and select an option:
    • Tree: Organizes process boxes in a tree format. Useful when each process box has a single input.
    • Org chart: Organizes simple flowcharts and is effective for flowcharts with a single input from the top.
    • Circular: Arranges process boxes in a radial fashion. Useful for single connection-based flowcharts that lead to one output.
    • Hierarchical: Organizes process boxes in horizontal or vertical levels so that most links flow uniformly in the same direction. This layout often provides the most simple and visually straightforward choice.
  3. To control whether connection lines appear in front of or behind process boxes, right-click the workspace, open the View menu and check or clear Overlap connections.