Copying processes within a flowchart

Copying a configured process can save time when you build campaign flowcharts. You can paste the process elsewhere in the workspace.


  1. Within a campaign, open a flowchart for editing.
  2. In the workspace, click the process that you want to copy.
    Note: To select multiple processes, you can Ctrl+Click the processes, drag a selection box around them, or use Ctrl+A to select all the processes in the flowchart.
  3. Click the Copy icon Two pieces of paper icon.

    You can also select Copy from the menu or press Ctrl+C.

  4. Click the Paste icon Clipboard and piece of paper icon.

    You can also select Paste from the menu or press Ctrl+V.

    A copy of the process appears in the workspace.

  5. Click and drag the copied process to the desired location.