Aligning process boxes

You can align process boxes to improve the appearance of the flowchart.


  1. Open a flowchart for editing.
  2. Drag a selection box around at least two processes. To add or remove processes from the selection, use Ctrl-click.
  3. Open the Alignment menu in the toolbar and use one of the following options:
    • To align boxes in a row: Choose Align top, Align bottom, or Align center (in a row).
    • To align boxes in a column: Choose Align left, Align right, or Align center (in a column).

    If you choose an incorrect alignment, select an option from the Layout menu to restore the layout. In many cases, the Hierarchical layout fixes overlapping process boxes. You can also select an individual process box and drag it to a new location.

  4. To reposition all process boxes to a horizontal or vertical layout, open the Alignment menu and choose Horizontal/vertical. Or right-click the flowchart workspace and choose View > Horizontal/vertical. You do not have to select process boxes before using this option. It affects all process boxes in the flowchart.

    If this option causes connection lines to overlap, right-click the workspace and select View > Angled connections twice to redraw the connection lines.

    To make connection lines appear behind process boxes, right-click the workspace, select View, and clear Overlap connections.