Connecting processes in flowcharts

Connect processes in a flowchart to specify the direction of data flow and the order in which the processes run. When you move processes in the workspace, any existing connections between processes remain. Moving processes in a flowchart does not affect data flow. You affect data flow only by adding or deleting connections.


  1. Open a campaign flowchart for editing.
  2. Move your cursor over a process box until four arrows appear around the box.
  3. Drag one of the arrows from the source process to the destination process.
    Connection being created

    When four arrows appear on the destination process, release the mouse button to complete the connection.


The processes are now connected. An arrow indicates the direction of data flow between the connected processes.
Connection after creation

The source process will run before the destination process. Data that is output from the source process is then available as input to the destination process. For example, a Select process generates output, which can then serve as input to a Segment process.

Whether connection lines are solid or dotted depends on the process box relationships. When a destination process receives data from a source process, the connection line is solid. When a destination process depends on a source process but does not receive data from it, the connection line is dotted. A dotted line indicates that the destination process cannot run successfully until the source process completes. In this way, you can identify temporal processes, which are time-dependent on each other.