Flowchart workspace overview

Use the flowchart workspace to design flowcharts for marketing campaigns.

You can open just one flowchart at a time. If you attempt to open another flowchart while one is already open, you are prompted to save your changes. To open two flowcharts at the same time, see Viewing two flowcharts side-by-side.

If a flowchart is open for viewing but not editing, the toolbar contains a smaller set of functions and the process palette does not appear. Click the pencil icon to open a flowchart for editing. The following figure shows a flowchart open for editing.

Flowchart open for editing

The flowchart workspace consists of the following elements.

Table 1. Flowchart window elements

Flowchart window elements

Element Description



(Edit mode only)

The palette at the left side of the window contains processes that you use to build your flowchart. It is visible only in Edit mode. Drag a process from the palette to the workspace, then configure and connect processes in the workspace.

By default, all process types are displayed. Click a category (List generation, Segmentation, Response tracking, Data preparation) to view a subset of processes.

To resize the palette, drag the edge of the palette area to widen or narrow it. To hide or show the palette, click Hide palette (gray arrow) or Show palette.

Main workspace area

In View mode, you can view but not modify process boxes and you can perform a limited set of operations. In Edit mode, you can configure and connect processes to determine the workflow and behavior of the flowchart. Right-click any process box to open a menu of options.

To configure a process: Double-click it, or right-click it and choose Process configuration.

To connect processes: Rest the cursor over a process box until four arrows appear, then drag a connection arrow to another process box.

Panning area

Use the panning area to highlight the portion of the flowchart that you want to see. This visual representation of the workspace is useful when not all of the process boxes fit on the screen at the same time.

Flowchart toolbar

Use the buttons and menus in the toolbar to perform the actions that are described in the following table. Rest your cursor over each item to see what it does. To open a menu, click its down-arrow . The toolbar icons and available options depend on your permissions and whether the flowchart is in View or Edit mode.

The flowchart toolbar contains the following icons and menu options.

Table 2. Flowchart toolbar icons
Flowchart toolbar icons
In View mode, click the pencil icon Pencil to open a flowchart for editing.
Use the Run menu to perform test and production runs of a flowchart or to validate a flowchart. You can also pause, continue, or stop a run.
In View mode, use the Schedules menu to view or schedule process runs at defined intervals. For details, see the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.
In View mode, click Delete to permanently delete the flowchart, if you are sure that you no longer need this flowchart. Then confirm or cancel.
In View mode, click Add a flowchart if you want to create a new flowchart in this campaign.
In View mode, click Copy to duplicate a flowchart. You are asked for a destination campaign.
In View mode, click Search flowcharts to search all flowcharts in all campaigns for any object (process box, user database, offer, configuration details, and so on).
Click the Properties icon gear to change the flowchart name or description.
Use the Options menu to work with custom macros, stored derived fields, stored triggers, stored templates, stored table catalogs, user variables, user authorization lists, and to match and link target cells.
Use the Log options menu to view flowchart logs, set logging options, enable or disable logging, clear a log file, or change the path.
Click the Reports icon to open the Cell specific reports dialog.
Use the Save options menu to either Save and continue or Save and exit the flowchart designer.
Click Cancel and discard changes to close the flowchart without saving changes.
Click Print this item to print a visual depiction of the flowchart. All process boxes in the flowchart are included, regardless of whether they are selected.
Administrators can use the Admin menu to perform actions on individual flowcharts. See the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide for details.
Use the Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete icons to select and then perform actions on the selected process boxes. Use Ctrl-click to add or remove process boxes from the selection.
Use the Alignment menu to align the selected process boxes. To select process boxes for alignment, drag a selection box around the process boxes or use Ctrl-click to add or remove boxes.
Use the Layout menu to reposition all processes in a flowchart.
Click Fit contents to resize the flowchart to fit in the workspace.
Use the Zoom Magnifying glass icons to reset zoom, zoom out, or zoom in.
  • Hide all annotations : Hides all added annotations in the flowchart.
  • Show all annotations : Shows all annotations in the flowchart.
  • Delete all annotations : Removes all annotations from the flowchart.

    To perform operations on individual process boxes (PBs), simply right-click on the PB to access options for adding, deleting, hiding, and showing annotations.

Use the Find process by name field to search for a process box by entering any portion of the name.
Click the Help icon for a list of topics that explain how to work with flowcharts.
In flowchart View & Edit mode, user will now be able to see the details related to the last successful Production or Test run on toolbar.
There are two status messages introduced which will be visible on toolbar :
  • Flowchart was last run in Production mode
    • The status message will be displayed as Last Production Run:[DATE] [TIME] AM/PM. Example : Last Production Run:01/27/2023 04:00:02 PM
    • The message background will be Green for Production run.
  • Flowchart was last run in Test mode
    • The status message will be displayed as Last Test Run:[DATE] [TIME] AM/PM. Example: Last Test Run:01/27/2023 03:48:50 PM
    • The message background will be Bright Yellow for Test run.
  • The Last Test/Prod Run Details feature is only supported for flowchart executions performed in 12.1.5 or higher.
  • After the upgrade to version 12.1.5, the Last Test/Prod Run Details label is not displayed until the flowchart is executed in version 12.1.5 (after the upgrade).