The Select process

Use the Select process to select IDs from your marketing data, such as customers, accounts, or households that you intend to contact.

Select is one of the most frequently used processes in Unica Campaign. Many flowcharts begin with one or more Select processes. The Select process outputs a cell that contains a list of IDs, such as customer IDs, which can be modified and refined by other processes.

Filtering the mapped user tables

You can filter the mapped user tables that appear in the Available Fields section in the Select process configuration window. The tables are filtered by table name.

To filter the mapped user tables by table name, complete the following steps:
  1. Open a flowchart for editing (click Edit in the flowchart toolbar).
  2. Double-click the Select process box in the flowchart to open the Select process configuration window.
  3. Click the Filter icon Filter next to Available Fields.
  4. Enter the text to filter the tables and click Apply.

    You cannot use any special characters except underscore in the filter text. The search is not case sensitive.

    The filtered list of tables is displayed. The Filter icon changes to a dark green color.

  5. To clear the filter, click the Filter icon Filter, and in the Filter window, click Clear.

The filter is applicable until you click Clear or you close the Select process configuration window.