Copying processes between flowcharts

Use the template library to copy configured processes from one flowchart to another. A template contains one or more configured processes and connections. Copying configured process boxes can save time when you design complex flowcharts.

About this task

Due to certain limitations, you cannot use two separate browser windows to copy configured processes from one flowchart to another. Instead, use the following procedure.


The best way to copy configured processes from one flowchart to another is to use the template library:
  1. Open a flowchart for editing.
  2. Select processes in the flowchart.
    You can use Ctrl+Click or drag a selection box around them, or use Ctrl+A to select all of the processes in the flowchart.
  3. Right-click any selected process box and select Copy to template library.
  4. When prompted, enter a Name and Note to help you identify the template later.
  5. You can now paste the process boxes into any other flowchart, by choosing Paste from template library from the right-click menu or by using Options > Stored templates.
  6. As an alternative to using the template library, you can perform the following steps:
    1. Select one or more processes.
    2. Use the Copy icon Two pieces of paper icon or Ctrl+C or the right-click menu to copy the processes.
    3. Close the flowchart.
    4. Open another flowchart in edit mode.
    5. Paste the processes by clicking the Paste icon Clipboard and piece of paper icon or using Ctrl+V or the right-click menu.