Offer management

Offers are specific marketing communications that you send to particular groups of people, using one or more channels. Each offer is based on an offer template that a Unica Campaign administrator defines.

A simple offer from an online retailer could consist of free shipping on all online purchases made in the month of April. A more complex offer could consist of a credit card from a financial institution, with a personalized combination of artwork, introductory rate, and expiration date that varies based on the recipient's credit rating and region.

In Unica Campaign, you create offers that can be used in one or more campaigns.

Offers are re-usable:

  • in different campaigns;
  • at different points in time;
  • for different groups of people (cells);
  • as different "versions" by varying the offer's parameterized fields.

The general workflow is:

  1. (Optional) An administrator defines custom attributes.
  2. An administrator creates offer templates (required) and adds custom attributes to them (optional).
  3. A user creates offers based on the templates.
  4. A flowchart designer assigns the offers by configuring a contact process in a flowchart or by relating offers to target cells that were defined in a target cell spreadsheet.
  5. The campaign runs, and the offer is made to the customer.

After an offer has been used in a campaign that has run in production mode, the offer cannot be deleted. However, it can be retired. Retired offers cannot be assigned, and any assigned offers that have been retired will no longer be sent. Retired offers are grayed out in the offer hierarchy. They are still available for reporting and response tracking.

Note: Working with offers requires the appropriate permissions. For information about permissions, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.