Unica Campaign reports overview

Unica Campaign provides reports to aid in campaign and offer management.

Some reports are intended to be used during the flowchart design phase. Other reports help you to analyze contact responses and campaign effectiveness after a campaign is deployed.

Unica Campaign reports provide several different types of information:

  • Object-specific reports analyze a specific campaign, offer, cell, or segment. To access these reports, click the Analysis tab for a campaign or offer.
  • System-wide reports provide analysis across multiple campaigns, offers, cells, or segments. To access these reports, choose Analytics > Campaign analytics.
  • Cell reports provide information about customers or prospects who are being targeted or used as controls. Cell reports are useful when creating campaign flowcharts. To access these reports, click the Reports icon Reports icon while editing a flowchart.
The reports that are available depend on several factors:
  • Your permissions, which are set by your Unica Campaign administrator.
  • Some reports are available only if you installed the Unica Campaign Reports Pack and integrated Unica Campaign with Cognos®. For information, see the Unica Reports Installation and Configuration Guide. Also see the Unica Campaign Report Specifications, which are provided as a compressed file with the reports pack.
  • Cognos® report packs for Unica Deliver, Unica Interact, and Unica Collaborate are also available, if you have licenses for those additional products. You can access the reports from the Analytics page for each product or from the campaign or offer Analysis tab. For more information, see the documentation for those products.