Using reports to analyze campaigns and offers

Unica Campaign provides reports to help you analyze information about your campaigns and offers. Some reports can be run during campaign development as part of your planning process. Other reports show campaign results, so you can analyze and fine-tune your offers and campaign strategy.

Before you begin

Before you run a campaign, use the Unica Campaign flowchart cell reports to analyze your selections. To use the cell reports, open a flowchart in Edit mode and click the Reports link at the top of the page. For more information, see Using flowchart cell reports during flowchart development.

About this task

Unica Campaign reports provide detailed information about offers, segments, and campaigns. By viewing reports, you can analyze campaign offers, response rates, revenue, profit per responder, and other data to calculate your total and incremental revenue, profit, and ROI.


  1. To analyze an individual campaign, offer, or segment, use the Analysis tab:
    1. Open the Campaign menu and choose Campaigns, Offers, or Segments.
    2. Click the name of a campaign, offer, or segment.
    3. Click the Analysis tab.
    4. Select a report from the Report type list at the top of the page.
      The report displays in the same window.
  2. To analyze results across multiple campaigns, offers, cells, or segments, use the Campaign analytics page:
    1. Select Analytics > Campaign analytics.
    2. Click one of the report folders.
    3. Click a report link.

      If the report allows filtering, the Report parameter window opens.

    4. Select one or more objects on which to filter the report. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple objects. Your permissions determine which objects appear.
    5. Click Generate the report.

      The report displays in the same window. The report generation date and time are displayed at the bottom of the page. If the report spans more than one page, use the provided controls to move to the top or bottom of the report or to page up and down.


The Reports toolbar is displayed for reports generated by Cognos®. It is not available for the calendar or segment reports or for flowchart cell reports. You can the Reports toolbar to perform the following tasks:

  • Keep this version: Send the report by email
  • Drill down/Drill up: Used for reports that support dimensional drilling.
  • Related links: Used for reports that support dimensional drilling.
  • View format: The default viewing format for reports is HTML. You can choose other viewing formats from the list. The icon changes to indicate the selected view option.
    Note: Not all reports can be viewed in all formats. For example, reports that use multiple queries cannot be viewed in CSV or XML.