Contact history

Unica Campaign maintains contact history to record information about offers that are sent to contacts. History is also recorded about control cells, to identify customers who are purposely not sent the offer.

The term "contact history" refers to information that Unica Campaign maintains about:

  • what offers were sent
  • to which customers (or accounts, or households, depending on audience level)
  • by which channel
  • on what date.

For example, a list of target customers can be generated as the output of a Call list or Mail list process in a campaign flowchart. Each target customer belongs to a cell that is assigned one or more offers. When the Call List or Mail List process is run in production mode with logging to contact history enabled, details are written to several tables in the Unica Campaign system database.

Together, those tables comprise the contact history. The contact history records the specific offer version (including the values of parameterized offer attributes) given to each ID in each cell at flowchart run time. Contact history also records the members of control cells, who are purposely withheld from receiving any communications. Control cells indicate hold-out or no-contact controls, therefore customers belonging to control cells are not assigned any offers and are not included in contact process output lists.