Specifying a database table for contact logging

You can log contact information to a database when you configure a contact process.


  1. In the process configuration dialog box, select New mapped table or Database table from the Enable export to or Log to list.
    This option usually appears at the bottom of the list, after the list of mapped tables.

    The Specify database table dialog box opens.

  2. Specify the table name.
    Note: You can use user variables in the table name. For example, if you specify MyTable<UserVar.a> as the table name, and the value of UserVar.a is "ABC" at the time that the process is run, the output is written to a table named MyTableABC. You must set the Initial value and the Current value of the user variable before you run the flowchart.
  3. Select a database name from the list.
  4. Click OK.

    The Specify database table window closes. The Export/log to field in the process configuration dialog displays the name of the database table that you entered.

  5. If a table of the name you specified exists, choose an option for writing the output data:
    • Append to existing data: If you choose this option, the existing table must have a schema compatible with the output data. In other words, field names and field types must match, and field sizes must allow for the output data to be written.
    • Replace all records: If you choose this option, existing rows in the table are replaced with the new output rows.