How the contact history tables are updated

Entries are written to the Unica Campaign contact history tables when a flowchart contact process (such as Call list or Mail list) or the Track process runs in production mode with the history logging options enabled. Test runs do not populate the contact history tables.

When contact history logging is enabled, the following details are written to contact history during a production run:

  • The date and time of the contact (by default, this is when the contact process was run);
  • The offer versions assigned in the contact process, including parameterized offer attribute values;
  • Exactly which offer versions were given to each ID;
  • For target and control cells, the treatment codes for tracking each unique combination of offer version, cell, and date and time.

The following system tables are involved:

  • Base contact history (UA_ContactHistory), if all members of a cell are given the same version of an offer
  • Detailed contact history (UA_DtlContactHist), if individuals in the same cell receive different offer versions
  • Treatment history (UA_Treatment)
  • Offer history (multiple system tables which collectively store information about offers that were used in production)

Treatment history and offer history are used together with contact history to form a complete historical record of offers that were sent. Controls, who were not assigned offers, are identified in the Treatment table.

History is updated only if the Log to contact history tables option is checked in the Mail list, Call list, or Track process configuration dialog box.

Note: This does not affect how Unica Deliver and Unica Interact load data into the Unica Campaign history tables. Those products use their own ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data into the Unica Campaign contact and response history tables.