Updating contact history by doing a production run

When you do a production run, you can update contact history for the current Run ID. Use the Run history options window to choose how the new contact history will be written to the contact history table.


  1. On a flowchart page in Edit mode, click the process that you want to run.
  2. Open the Run menu Arrow in circle and select Save and run selected branch.
  3. If contact history records exist, you are prompted to choose run history options.

    The Run history options dialog appears only when you run a branch or process that previously generated contact history for the current Run ID. You can either append information to contact history or replace existing contact history for the Run ID.

    Option Description
    Create a new run instance Rerun a specific branch or process of the flowchart using a new Run ID. Append the results, associated with the new Run ID, to the contact history table. Existing contact history remains intact.
    Replace the contact history of the previous run Reuse the previous Run ID and replace the contact history previously generated for that Run ID (only for the process or branch that is being run). Contact history records that were previously generated for other branches or processes of the flowchart remain intact.
    Cancel Cancel the branch or process run and do nothing to existing contact history. The flowchart remains open in Edit mode.