Analyzing offers

Use Unica Campaign reports to analyze an individual offer or do a system-wide analysis across multiple offers.


  1. To analyze an individual offer: (This applies to Unica Centralized Offer Management)
    1. Select Offers.
    2. Click the name of an offer.
    3. Click the Analysis tab.
    4. Select a report from the Report type list at the top of the page.
      The report displays in the same window.
  2. To analyze results across multiple offers: (This applies to Unica Campaign)
    1. Select Analytics > Campaign analytics.
    2. Click one of the report folders.
    3. Click a report link.

      If the report allows filtering, the Report parameter window opens.

    4. Select one or more objects on which to filter the report. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple objects. Your permissions determine which objects appear.
    5. Click Generate the report.

      The report displays in the same window. The report generation date and time are displayed at the bottom of the page. If the report spans more than one page, use the provided controls to move to the top or bottom of the report or to page up and down.