Overview of Unica Deliver offer integration with Unica Campaign

If your Unica Campaign administrator enabled Unica Deliver offer integration, Unica Campaign offers can be associated with Unica Deliver assets.

When offer integration is configured:

  • Cross-channel marketers can create and use the same marketing offers on multiple channels to measure the effectiveness of offers across channels. For example, compare email to direct mail.
  • The Unica Campaign performance reports show the sum of all contacts or responders over all channels that were used. You can customize the reports to break out the information by channel.
  • The Unica Campaign Detailed Offer Response Breakout report analyzes Unica Deliver link clicks that are associated with offers. This report lists all offers associated with a campaign and the number of responses for each channel.

When offer integration is configured, the basic workflow for Unica Deliver users is:

  1. Use Unica Campaign to create offer attributes, offer templates, and offers, as you normally would, with the following exceptions:
    • Offer lists are not supported because only one offer can be associated with a digital asset.
    • You cannot use Derived Fields in Unica Deliver offer attributes because you cannot populate Derived Fields in Unica Deliver. However, you can use Derived Fields on an offer if you also target that offer over another channel.
    • You can populate parameterized offer attributes with a constant value. However, you cannot use Derived Fields for the email channel and you cannot change values per recipient.
  2. Use Unica Deliver as you normally would, with one addition: You must associate a Unica Campaign offer with a digital asset in the Unica Deliver Content Library.
  3. Add the asset and its associated offer to an email communication.
  4. If you want to modify the offer, open the offer Summary page in Unica Campaign. Click Link to Unica Deliver Digital Asset at the top of the offer Summary page to see a list of Unica Deliver assets that are related to the offer. Double-click an asset to open it in the Unica Deliver Content Library.
  5. Send the mailing.

    Recipients open the email and click the offer links.

    Unica Deliver receives the responses and processes them using a configurable ETL process so that they end up in the Unica Campaign database.

    Unica Campaign checks for updated offer and contact data at intervals that are scheduled by your Unica Campaign administrator. The offer and contact information is then processed by Unica Campaign and moved to the appropriate report tables.

  6. Use the Unica Deliver reports as you normally would. Additionally, use the Unica Campaign Detailed Offer Response Breakout report to analyze responses to your offers.
The Unica Deliver offer integration depends on an ETL process to coordinate offer and response information between Unica Deliver and Unica Campaign:
  • To configure Unica Campaign for Unica Deliver offer integration, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.
  • To use Unica Deliver, see the Unica Deliver User's Guide.