Starting from v12.0, Unica introduces a new product called as Centralized Offer Management. This product can be used as a central place for Offer Management. If you are planning to configure Centralize Offer Management, see the Centralized Offer Management installation guide for more details.

Centralized Offer Management product is an additional component to start managing offers available in the Campaign Offer management. If you do not have Centralized Offer Management module installed or enabled, then Campaign Offer management continues to work as it is.

Once you install and enable Centralized Offer management all offers information including (templates, attributes, offer folders, offers, offer lists) would become available in the Centralized Offer management. Centralized Offer management module can be turned ON and OFF based on configuration. This does not not impact any offers data whether its created in Campaign Offers or in Centralized Offers Management module.

See the Campaign Administrator Guide to know more details about Campaign and Centralized Offer Management integration.