Assigning offers to cells in a flowchart

Flowchart designers assign offers to cells by configuring a contact process in a flowchart. A cell is a list of customers who you want to contact with a specific offer. A target cell is a cell that has an offer assigned to it. You can optionally exclude control groups from contact, for analysis purposes.

Before you begin

Before you begin, you must create an offer so it is available for assignment. You can also choose to associate offers with campaigns by using the campaign Summary tab. Offers that are associated with a campaign appear at the top of selection lists as "relevant" offers.

About this task

Note: Organizations who use a "top-down" management approach assign offers to cells in a target cell spreadsheet. A flowchart designer then selects recipients for those offers. For more information, see Assigning offers to cells in a target cell spreadsheet.
Note: If Unica Campaign is integrated with Unica Plan, use Unica Plan to assign offers to output cells in the target cell spreadsheet form of a campaign project. You cannot assign offers in a contact process unless you are working with legacy campaigns.

Follow these steps to assign offers to cells in a flowchart.


  1. Open a campaign and click a flowchart tab.
  2. Click Edit Tiny pencil icon in the flowchart window.
  3. Double-click the contact process, such as Mail list or Call list, which contains the recipients for your offer.
  4. Use the Treatment tab to assign at least one offer to each cell.
  5. Click the Parameters tab to see the names and values of each parameterized offer that was assigned on the Treatment tab and to adjust the offer parameter values.

    Depending on how the offer was defined, you might be able to select values from a list. For example, if a Mail list process includes a discount offer, you might see the values 10%, 15%, 20%. If a list of values appears, the configuration setting Unica Campaign | partitions | partition[n] | server | flowchartConfig | disallowAdditionalValForOfferParam determines whether you can specify more values or whether you are restricted to selecting values from the list.

    Note: If you edit an offer to change a parameter value after assigning the offer, the original value continues to be used in any assigned offers. This behavior prevents unintentional changes of attribute values for offers that have already been assigned. For example, say you assign an offer that has a Cost Per Offer value of $1.00. Later, someone edits the offer on the Offer Summary page and changes the value to $1.99. The Assigned value on the Parameters tab of the Mail list or Call list remains set to its original value of $1.00. To update the value, you must explicitly remove and then re-add the offer on the Treatment tab: Select the Target cell, click Assign offers, and remove the offer. Select a different tab, then select the Treatment tab again and reassign the offer. Now when you select the Parameters tab, the edited value ($1.99) appears.

What to do next

For more information, see Configuring Mail list or Call list processes.