Retiring offers or offer lists

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can retire offers and offer lists to prevent their further use. Retired offers can no longer be assigned and cannot be given out as part of an offer list.

About this task

Retired offers remain visible in the offer hierarchy but are grayed out. They can be found using the search feature, can be duplicated to create new offers, and are available for reporting.

Note: A retired offer cannot be re-enabled. If you need an offer with the same details, you can create a new one by duplicating the retired offer.

Retiring an offer does not affect campaigns or flowcharts in which the offer has already been used, and maintains the data integrity with any system table data that has been generated based on the offer, such as contact and response history.

You can clean up static offer lists by deleting retired offers from them. Smart offer lists do not require cleanup as they will resolve only to non-retired offers matching their query criteria.

The procedure for retiring offers is the same as that for retiring offer lists, and you can retire offers and offer lists in the same operation.


  1. Choose Campaign > Offers.
  2. Select any offers or offer lists that you want to retire, and click Retire.

    Another way to retire an offer (but not a list) is to click its name link to view its Summary tab, and click Retire.

  3. When prompted, click OK.


The selected offers and offer lists are retired and display in gray.