Relevant products for offers

Relevant product(s) is a required attribute in offer templates, although it does not have to be populated in each offer.

You can assign relevant products when you create or edit an offer, by using the Relevant product(s) section of the create or edit an offer page.

The relevant products functionality relates product IDs to offers. Optionally, list any products that you want to associate with this offer for inferred response tracking. These product IDs can then be used to determine whether an event (for example, a purchase of a relevant product) is considered to be a response.

There are two ways to define relevant products:

  • Use Edit query pencil to build a query that returns a list of product IDs that you consider relevant.
  • Use Import product IDs to type or paste a list of product IDs from a source file.
Note: When offer management is performed from Unica Plan, the relevant products functionality is not available.