Associating relevant offers with campaigns

You can associate offers with campaigns to make it easier for users to select relevant offers when they configure contact processes in flowcharts (assign offers to cells).


  1. Click Campaign > Campaigns.
  2. Locate the campaign and click its name.
  3. On the campaign Summary tab, click Add/remove offers.
  4. Browse or search for the offers that you want to add, and move them into the Offers to include list.

    You can use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select multiple offers.

  5. Click Save.


The Relevant offers area of the campaign Summary tab shows all of the offers that are associated with the campaign. The offers are grayed out until someone uses them in a flowchart in this campaign.

As asterisk next to an offer name indicates that the offer was associated with a campaign ("top-down" association). Offers that were used directly in a flowchart ("bottom up") without first being associated with a campaign do not have an asterisk.

When users configure a contact process to create contact lists in campaign flowcharts, relevant offers appear at the top of the list so they are easy to locate and select for assignment to one or more target cells.