Viewing and editing Unica Deliver assets that are linked to a Unica Campaign offer

You can view all of the related Unica Deliver digital assets for an offer from the offer Summary page and optionally edit the assets in the Content Library.

Before you begin

Before you can view Unica Deliver assets in an offer, you must use the Unica Deliver Document Composer to associate the offer with at least one asset in the Content Library. Each asset can be associated with only one offer at time, but an offer can be associated with more than one asset. For more information, see your Unica Deliver documentation.

About this task

After establishing the relationship between an offer in Unica Campaign and assets in Unica Deliver, you can view those assets from the Unica Campaign offer Summary page.


  1. Click Unica Campaign > Offers.
  2. Locate an offer that has Unica Deliver assets.
  3. Click the offer name.

    The offer Summary page appears.

  4. Click Link to Unica Deliver Digital Asset at the top of the Summary page.

    The Unica Deliver Content Library opens and displays a list of all of the Unica Deliver assets that are related to the offer.

  5. You can double-click an asset to open it.