Offer templates

When you create an offer, you base it on an offer template. Offer templates are created in advance by an administrator.

Every offer template includes several required fields, such as Offer name and Security policy. Additionally, templates may include custom attributes that were defined separately. For example, a template for creating "Reward Card" offers might include a "Discount" drop-down list (a custom attribute) that contains the values 10%, 15%, and 20%.

When you create an offer based on that template, you fill out any fields that are defined in the template. For example, you supply an Offer name, select a Security policy, and choose a default value from the "Discount" drop-down list. If you are allowed to add values to the list, you see an Add button next to the attribute when you create the offer. For example, if you add the value 25%, the list will then contain four values (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%).

When you save the offer, it becomes available for use in Unica Campaign flowcharts. The flowchart designer can then assign offers by configuring a contact process, such as Mail list, Call list, or Optimize.

The behavior of drop-down lists in contact processes is controlled by the generic configuration parameter disallowAdditionalValForOfferParam. This parameter determines whether flowchart designers are restricted to selecting a value from the list when they configure a contact process. If the parameter is true, designers can only select values from the drop-down list. If the parameter is false, designers can select values outside of the list, for example from a database table.