The Segment process

Use the Segment process to divide data into distinct groups, or segments. Connect a Segment process to a contact process, such as a Call list or Mail list, to assign treatments or offers to the segments.

For example, you can divide your customers into high-value, medium-value, and low-value segments based on their prior purchase history. Each segment can receive a different offer when the segment is input to a contact process. There is no limit to the number of segments that you can create.

You can segment data in two ways: by using the distinct values in a field, or by using a query to filter the data in a field. In addition to database table fields, you can use derived fields to segment data. In this way, you can perform custom grouping, to segment your customers however you want.

Note: Segments that are created by the Segment process are not persistent across flowcharts or sessions. To create a "permanent" segment (also called a strategic segment), an administrator can use the Create Seg process.