Heading widget

This widget automatically retrieves the name of a category or catalog entry to display as a page heading.

Page dependency

Use this widget only in layouts for the following page types:
  • Category pages
  • Catalog entry pages

If you use this widget in a layout for any other page, the widget will not be rendered on the page.

Tip: The Heading widget is useful in a layout that is assigned to multiple category or catalog entry pages because the correct heading is automatically retrieved for each page.

Example of widget content

Example of a Heading widget that is used on a category page

Alternative widgets

To display a specific title or heading on any page, you can use the Text Editor widget and type your custom heading directly into the widget.

Widget properties and content

This widget has no configurable properties other than the widget name. The font and color of the text is controlled by style sheets (CSS files) for your store. The content is automatically retrieved from your catalog data.